Premium Distribution Co.,Ltd.

Press Release Announcement-2 will began launching the new marketing initiative “Whoops! – less than
perfect” by 1st July 2022 at Azay website.  

Azay has begun development on a new marketing campaign called “Whoops!” The Azay website aims to resell all
sellable products with appealing packaging and promotion, although it is called “Less-than-Perfect”.

There will be a large choice of products under Whoops, as well as an appealing promotion offer because the things
are in “less-than-perfect” state.
Less-than-perfect means:  
• Dented can   
• Damage label  

These items are less-than-perfect condition on the outside, but in the side, everything is still perfect quality.  
Customers desire a diverse selection of items at a low-price offer for their variety of usage. As a result, the
“Whoops! – Less-than-perfect ” will be a potential range of options for Azay customer.

Customers can verify every item’s promotion, selling price, and product condition on the Azay website under the
new category “Whoops! – Less-than-perfect “.

“For supporting our aim to reduce unnecessary food waste in our environment we have discounted these items.”

Customer may easily purchase all the “less-than-perfect” items on Azay website, they have been grouped together
under one category. The ordering process and delivery schedule will be as usual, next day delivery. Azay collect is
also an option for customers.

Ko Aung, the owner of Café De Bar, shared his experience by saying, “I used to buy a lot of items from Azay and I
just started trying to buy “Whoops! – Less-than-perfect ” items for my business, it was still good quality inside and
just a little dented Can but I can get it with a 25% discount, more benefit for my business.”

Regarding with “Whoops! – Less-than-perfect” products, you may go and check via Azay website and also can contact to hotline no. +959770760888.