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Press Release Announcement-5

Premium Distribution lunches, “Seara” Brand

We are excited to announce our new “Seara” brand which will be distributed through our food services sales channels including hotels, bars, restaurants and catering businesses. There will be a different sizes of chicken food products with competitive wholesale prices that can be assured with the premium quality and food safety standards.

 In all the time, we got a lot of feedbacks from our sales team that most of our customers are continuously looking for a variety for chicken food products which can provide good quality with long-term supply range. For those customers who desire to use variety of chicken food products, we have decided to try to provide this new Seara brand.

Seara is the largest exporter in the Brazil which export meat and poultry products to Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Far East. The chickens of Seara Brand are raised without adding any hormones and antibiotics, and HALAL Certificate has been obtained. Seara Brand have total 4 SKUs; SEARA BREADED CHICKEN NUGGETS 300G, SEARA TEMPURA CHICKEN NUGGETS 1KG, SEARA CHICKEN SAUSAGE 340G and SEARA BREADED LEG KARAAGE 2KG. 

All above items are available at your nearest store City Mart, Marketplace by City Mart, Ocean and Azay online ( You may also order “Seara” items for your business through the following. 

Ordering Hotline: 01-249122, Extension- 353, 33

Ordering Email: